´╗┐Justices of the Supreme Court

Chief Justice John Glover Roberts, Jr.
Age: 55 [D.O.B. Jan 27, 1955]Hometown: Buffalo, New YorkReligion: Roman CatholicEducation: A.B. from Harvard College in 1976 and a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1979Party Affiliation: Conservative RepublicanNomination Criterion: Competence - lawyer, worked as Associate Counsel for then president Reagan, law clerk for Chief Justice Rehnquist; Ideology - both Bush and Roberts are Republican; ReligionAppointing President: George W. BushYear of Appointment: 2005Voting Record: Moderate ConservativeExamples: Finds no support for abortion rights in the Constitution, states that although Roe v. Wade is settled precedent, can still be subject to stare decisis. Ok for religious groups to meet at school, weaken separation of church and state. enforce drug laws, drug use is immoral.

Associate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr.
Age: 60 [D.O.B. April 1, 1950]Hometown: Trenton, New JerseyReligion: Roman CatholicEducation: B.A. from Princeton University, J.D. from Yale Law SchoolParty Affiliation: RepublicanNomination Criterion: Competence - Assistant U.S. attorney, US attorney for District of New Jersey, 3rd circuit court of appeals; Ideology - shared the same/similar party affiliations as Bush; Religion - similar to BushAppointing President: George W. BushYear Appointed: 2006Voting Record: Moderate ConservativeExamples: Roe v Wade important precedent, but not settled law, treat religious speech equally with secular speech, Congress has no authority to curb the sale of machine guns, expand armed forces

Associate Justice Anthony McLeod Kennedy

Age: 74 [D.O.B. July 23, 1936]Hometown: Sacramento, CaliforniaReligion: Roman CatholicEducation: B.A. from Stanford University and the London School of Economics, L.L.B. from Harvard Law School´╗┐Party Affiliation: RepublicanNomination Criterion: Competence - lawyer, Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, highest evaluation on the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary; Ideology - shared same/similar political affiliation and ideology to Reagan; Religion - similar to ReaganAppointing President: Ronald ReaganYear Appointed: 1988Voting Record: (Moderate) ConservativeExamples: against Affirmative Action rights, opposes abortion rights, reverse Roe v. Wade


Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas
Age: 62Hometown: Pinpoint, GeorgiaReligion: Roman CatholicEducation: Yale, Holy Cross College, & Immaculate Conception AbbeyParty Affiliation: RepublicanNomination Criterion: Identity, Ideology, Political SupportAppointing President: George BushYear of Appointment: 1991Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal: ConservativeExamples:Video Clip:Elena Kagan
external image elena_kagan1.jpeg
Age:50Hometown: New York City, New YorkReligion: Conservative JudaismEducation: Princeton, Worcester College, & HarvardParty Affiliation: DemocratNomination Criterion: Identity, Ideology, Political SupportAppointing President: Barack ObamaYear of Appointment: 2010Conservative, Moderat, or Liberal: ModerateExamples: Defense of Marriage Act,supported a lawsuit intended to overturn the Solomon AmendmentVideo Clip:Sonia Sotomayor
external image Sonia%2520Sotomayor%2520at%2520Princeton-thumb-300x377.jpg
Age:56Hometown: Bronx, New YorkReligion: Roman CatholicEducation: Princeton & YaleParty Affiliation: DemocratNomination Criterion: Gender, Ideology, Political SupportAppointing President: Barack ObamaYear of Appointment: 2009Conservative, Moderate, Liberal: LiberalExamples://Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission//,Miranda rights,//Ricci v. DeStefano//Video Clip: